Salesforce system setting and customization for a Healthcare loan provider

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Complex integrations (Lead Flow engine) and a big amount of data (batching). A system that allows medical specialists to take a loan.


Data transfer was carried out between the third-party system and the SF Processes were performed by using the Kingsway SSIS Toolkit When a record was created or modified in a third-party system, it was updated by an internal SQL database trigger and added to the sfName object table and its hash was added to the additional table Then, a scheduled SSIS task was processed and synchronized with SF DB. After depending on the object type, the following cases are possible:

  1. (New lead) depending on the Department type, was redirected to the specified group using User Queue
  2. (New contact, account, opportunity) was added to the system and linked through the value of the field Legacy ID on SF side
  3. (Change existing) when SSIS job has been started in case of changes in the record on SF side data updated in a temporary table in SQL and then updates the real data in the database (the Difference on the side of the object opportunity, there was a checkbox marked in the case of changes in the record)
  4. Release support (prepare change set, pre- post-deployment actions, one click deployment)


Salesforce Classic, Salesforce Lightning, SSIS, SOQL, Trigger, Change set, Postinstal Script, MSSQL Server, MongoDB.

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